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Rental Guarantees with Square One

Through our collaboration with Moving Doors, Square One is proud to offer a 5 year rental Guarantee on our projects.

Your Benefits as a Landlord With Moving Doors

Moving Doors leases and furnishes high-quality properties and subsequently rents them out to digital nomads, families and business travelers on a medium to long-term basis.

Higher, steadier yield

Increase your rental income by reducing your vacancy rate. Moving Doors is a long- term highly rated corporate tenant that will keep your apartment in excellent state of repair.

Rental guarantee

Moving Doors can help you increase your rental income and reduce the risk of vacancy loss. With guaranteed monthly rent payments, even if your apartment is empty.

Value Increase

Moving Doors will convert your vacant flat into a fully equipped and serviced apartment, which increases the value of your property.

All-inclusive maintenance

Moving Doors takes care of all aspects of managing your flat, including guest support, service and maintenance, and professional cleaning. You can simply collect your monthly rent without having to worry about anything else.

What makes Moving Doors Special?

Smart Technology

Their in-house tech ensures a seamless online booking and payment experience for you.

Exceptional Design

All units are designed by award-winning interior designers and equipped with high-quality furniture.

Concierge Services for Tenants

From airport transits to cleaning and laundry, they handle all tenats requests seamlesssly via their in-house proprietary technology.

Immediate Lease

Moving doors pays you immediately when you lease your apartment to us, so you don’t have to wait for a tenant to move in.

The Step-By-Step Process

Step 1

Submit Your Property For Review

Fill out a quick form and share some basic information about your apartment, such as photos, location, and number of bedrooms to help get started and learn more about your property.

Step 2

Connect With Our Moving Doors Team

Real estate analysts will connect to inform you about the rental income and demand levels you can expect by leasing to Moving Doors.

Step 3

Lease Your Apartment

After agreeing on all the terms, they will sign a contract that outlines the details of the Moving Doors partnership with you.

Step 4

Moving Doors Designs And Furnishes Your Apartment

A dedicated design team will curate, fully furnish and equip your property with premium furniture, kitchenware and tech gadgets to upgrade its value.

Step 5

They Will Rent Out Your Apartment

An inbound sales team will find tenants for your property, tapping into the growing demand for flexible rentals, furnished and serviced living, and corporate travel accommodations.

Step 6

Moving Doors Service And Maintenance

The team will take care of everything, from maintenance to tenant support, so you can relax and collect your rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust my property to Moving Doors?

With Moving Doors, you can start receiving your rental income immediately while enjoying the assurance of property value increase and a hassle-free experience. Our rental guarantee and secure rental lease ensure you are always protected, providing peace of mind as you invest in your property. Experience worry-free renting with Moving Doors and unlock the full potential of your investment.

How do I receive my rental income from you?

We maintain a standing order at the bank, ensuring that your rental income will be received each month without fail, regardless of any circumstances.

Do I need a rental license to sign the lease agreement?

No, there is no rental license needed, if you lease your apartment to Moving Doors. You only need to be the entitled property owner.

What if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?

This situation doesn’t affect your rental income. We guarantee you a monthly rental income and will clarify the situation with the tenant directly. No need to worry.

What happens if a tenant damages the property?

Moving Doors's rental management team takes full responsibility for your apartment. We handle all property maintenance issues quickly and efficiently to ensure that all of our apartments are in top condition. We are also liable to the property owner for any damage caused by a tenant.

Should my apartment be furnished or unfurnished in order for Moving Doors to lease it?

We prefer unfurnished properties so we can furnish them ourselves with our high-quality appliances, custom furniture, and electronics. However, we're happy to review your furnished property on a case-by-case basis.

How long will Moving Doors rent my property?

Moving Doors typically signs leases of a minimum three-year. We're looking for long-term partnerships with our property owners.

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